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Cape Ann coal is an anthracite coal supplier for home heating. We offer an option to reduce your heating expense. Quality coal delivered at a fair price. The right equipment to efficiantly handle bulk or bags of coal.

Heating with a coal burning stove stoked with Anthracite Coal can free you from the  rizing cost of heating with oil. There is a nastolgic feel to a coal stove. A steady source of dry radiant heat creates a comfortable warm glow in the house. Anthracite coal is a clean burning fuel. Whith Anthracite, no smoke or odor comes from the chimney once the stove is up to operating temperature.

For steady, low-maintenance, high-output heat, nothing can compare to a coal stove. Coal cuts heating costs!

Modern Coal Heating

Times have changed and these changes are causing more and more people to turn to heating with coal. The industry has changed. The cost of oil heat keeps going up. Budgets are strained so people look for options they are turning to heating with coal.

Reasons to heat with coal

Pennsylvania Source

Anthracite coal is sourced out of Pennsylvania not a foriegn country. We are not dependant on foriegn oil or any part of the oil supply chain. International events, embargos or cartels will not affect the supply of Anthracite coal.

Local Economy

Anthracite coal is 100% Produced in America. The product is mined in Pennsylvania. Buying coal creates jobs and puts food on the table for hard working people in a part of Pennsylvania that is not affluent. So a labor and capitol intensive industry fuels there economy. The rest of the economic cycle start with our own trucks. We go to the source to pick up the coal. We use regional interstates and tolls, local labor, local equipment and the economic value stays hear in this region.

Clean Burning

Selection of anthracite coal exclusivly is a cleaner burning coal. It has fewer impurities anthracite is a low ash (8-9%), high carbon (84-87%), long burning coal so it burns cleanly by definition of its content and has no sulpher smell.

Efficiant Burning

Todays coal stoves themsleves are more efficiant. With this efficiancy there is 3 times less work than firewood or pellets. With feeders todays coal stoves burn both cleaner and more efficiantly. Todays anthracite stoves can burn up to 36 hours without refilling. Tending may take shaking the grate and there's very little cleanup involved.

Economics of Burning coal

Anthracite coal heats less expensivley than propane or oil or wood. On the coldest winter days an automatic stoker stove may burn 40 to 50 lbs. of coal. Fifty pounds of coal would generating over 625,000 BTU’s of heat. This would heat a well insulated 2500 sq. ft. house. Naturally the typical winter days need less coal.

Modern day coal burning makes dollars and cents. If you do the math heating or supplemental heating of a 2,500 square foot house should be less than $800.00 per month find coal suppliers online. We have many customers that report there total heating cost to be in the 600 dollar range

If you do not have a stove we sell coal burning stoves also.